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Many of the benefits of vacuum mixing, blending, and drying have been known for years. Many processors regard vacuum to be both necessary and cost-effective. Our field experience and work at Anchormen Equipment have shown that the reverse is true. Almost every mixing, blending, or drying system can benefit from a vacuum. Vacuum can make the process line more productive and the factory environment safer with the correct equipment and technique. Vacuum can also help to enhance the quality of the final items. Vacuum mixers manufactured at Anchormen are made to operate at complete vacuum and internal pressure. For heating or cooling, the containers are jacketed. 

Homo Cum Vacuum Mixer Manufacturer in Gujarat

Counter-rotating anchoring and blade agitation systems are used in conjunction with top or bottom entry high speed, shear homogenising turbine agitators. Scraping devices on the sidewalls and bottoms of coats increase product uniformity and heat transmission. For the dispersal of difficult-to-disperse powders, special powder injection devices are offered.

The high-performance agitation system can handle goods with a wide variety of agitation needs, from bottom to top viscosities. There are systems for automated control, monitoring, and data collecting available. Our team of professional engineers works with the organisation to provide the most innovative solutions possible. We at Anchormen Equipment are continually striving to improve our machines via innovation and new invention. We also develop equipment to our clients’ needs, ensuring that they get exactly what they want in terms of design and quality.

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