Packing Conveyor belt Manufacturers

Packing conveyor belts made by Anchormen Equipments are made of any of the materials: Nylon, P.U., Silicon, and Teflon which possess higher tensile strength, durability, and longevity that is the reason of us being the most successful Packing Conveyor belt Manufacturers in India. Conveyor belts are normally used for material handling and convey materials from one end to another. It is also used for assembly line packing conveyors for pharmaceutical industries and production lines in many other industrial units. The Packing Conveyor Belt offered by us has stainless steel table top. The Tabletop is set to the same arrangement made of SS square pipe and supported on adaptable bolts. The Tabletop uses less working space on the sides of the conveyor belt for ultimate visual examination and packing into the box. 

Some of the salient features of the packing conveyor belt provided by us are as follows:

Packing Conveyor belt Manufacturers in india

Flexible height of conveyor belts to suit other machines of the line.

The structure is manufactured with SS materials with a matt finish.

Self-alignment of this conveyor bears easy maintenance.

Direct or a couple of drive lengths can be made as per clients' requirements.

It possesses a rigid vibration-free structure for problem-free performance.

Packing Conveyor Belts are available in many variants as per your required length, height, width, and speed.

The conveyor belt is also used as a PVC endless rubberized belt or coated canvas belt.

The belt-alignment design possesses long life and straight running of the belt.

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