Drying Tray Manufacturer

A drying tray is generally used in the pharmaceutical industry to dry granules, powders, and other types of substances. The trays are normally piled on top of each other, and the process of drying the substances is generally made under controlled humidity conditions and temperature. It includes a heated compartment with trays to put materials on it. To accomplish efficient material drying at low expenditure, these drying trays are widely used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and chemical industries. Although using drying trays is an old method, it is still used in many small and large-scale industries. Before installing, you must know all the details related to the drying tray like its construction, principle, and working. As the best drying tray manufacturer in India, we assure you only the highest quality drying trays. The temperature and humidity inside the compartment of the tray are managed to make sure that the materials are dried at the best suitable rate. The hot air is spread all over the drying chamber, and as it passes through the trays, it eliminates humidity from the substances or materials on the trays.

Advantages of using the drying tray offered by us:

Drying Tray(trey) Manufacturer in India

Drying trays are simple to use and clean.

They are more efficient in fuel consumption as compared to other methods.

The drying tray offers a tendency to dry the lower trays as well.

Each batch of the tray is managed as a separate unit.

It is functioned according to batch.

It requires low labor needs, i.e. for loading and unloading.

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