Drying Tray and Trolley Manufacturers

We are the best Drying Tray and Trolley Manufacturers from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Apart from low maintenance costs and controlling structures, the Drying Tray and Trolley yield high performance, high durability, and high efficiency. We have covered the exterior with a powder covering besides painting them with enamel. We also offer pre-established digital timers with this tray and trolleys. These trays and trolleys are used in a variety of industries for drying reasons. Our offered trays and trolleys have some mechanized mandatory features. The structure of trolleys is made of mild steel and those made of stainless steel which is completely corrosion-free. We have ensured that the stream of air is at high speed and that the system lets air exceed in horizontal as well as vertical directions.

Some of the prominent features of the Drying Tray and Trolley are as mentioned below:

Drying Tray(Trey) Manufacturer in India

The temperature of the tray and the trolley is managed by an electronic digital temperature controller.

These trolleys and trays are available in both standard and unique models as per the customer’s requirements.

These products are suitable for the economical drying of granules, powder, food material as well as chemicals.

As the machine is made with the latest technology and mostly everything is automated, it requires minimal labor, which is for loading and unloading.

The unique design and structure of the drying tray and trolley prevent leakages.

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