Chemical Reactor with Platform:: A universal reactor platform for Chemical Reactor – Anchormen Equipment’s Pvt. Ltd.

A primary reactor core and a reactor pressure vessel are positioned within the primary containment vessel of the Anchormen Equipment’s reactor. A maintenance platform is positioned above the reactors piping system, and predefined servicing procedures are performed on the reactor. A service platform consists of a frame with several linked beams, a support structure attached to the frame, and a floor attached to the frame’s top. The reactor access aperture on the floor is large enough to provide access to the reactor piping system. At least one auxiliary platform movably connected to the frame and extending into the access aperture is also included in the servicing platform. At least one supplementary platform is moveable along the perimeter of the floor’s access aperture.

Reactor With Plateform, Chemical Reactor with Platform in india

Based on the creation of light-source modules that can be attached to the previously disclosed Reactor platform, a new modular photochemical continuous stirred-tank reactor architecture is launched. These units are particularly well adapted to handle multiphasic mixtures, as shown here in solid–liquid and gas–liquid reactions, in addition to homogeneous photochemical reactions. The use of slurries as input feeds allows for the intensification of photochemical brominating, while the modular structure of the system allows for the simple integration of downstream reaction steps.

While the invention has been described in terms of several specific embodiments, our engineer experts who are knowledgeable in the art can recognise that the invention can be executed with modification while being within the spirit and breadth of the claims. The equipment made by Anchormen Equipment are used in a range of industries, including pharmaceutical, food processing, chemical, and cosmetic. For this equipment, clients may select from a number of technological specifications.

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