The Anchormen’s Inspection Table is meant to help organise and improve instrument packing and assembly. The table top lamp, when combined with a rear wall rack on which to hang wraps, offers lighting for inspecting holes in sterile wrap materials. A tabletop lamp illuminates the centre sterile wrap materials for examination. Covers may be easily arranged on the back-wall rack. When inspecting covers of various thicknesses, a dimmable switch regulates the lighting. Larger instruments and wraps may be placed on the counter because of the extra space. Materials may be stored on the bottom shelf, and casters enable for movement. We provide an Inspection Table made of stainless-steel square pipes and supported by adjustable bolts at Anchormen Equipment. These are extensively utilised in pharmaceutical processing companies all over the world, and they are made up of a three-track conveyor with stainless steel construction and square pipes with moving stainless steel slat chain and adjustable bolts.

Inspection Table in india, quality inspection table

These are equipped with a hood and lighting setup, as well as a visual examination background that alternates between black and white. Because of the high quality of the raw materials utilised, Anchormen Equipment is one of the leading producers of Inspection Tables. All of the raw materials used to make the machines at Anchormen Equipments come from recognised foundries. Because quality and client happiness are two of our main beliefs, we strive to keep our customers first, ensuring that the end product delivered to them is free of complaints. Our team of skilled engineers is always available to assist our customers with individualised and unique machine design.

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