Pharmaceutical Blender Manufacturers

We are one of the most prominent and leading Blender Manufacturers in India. The range of blenders offered by us is highly preferred by the fine chemical industries and pharmaceutical industries. In a blender, continuous rotations of the vessels make it easy for the batch to blend and recombine. Our provided blenders can be designed and manufactured to suit the best customer requirements. These blenders are also best suitable for paints and dye-stuffs and also used for dry mixing of matters in powder form. Thus this blender is a versatile and efficient machine for units integrated into mixing dry powder and granulates consistently. The salient features of different types of Pharmaceutical Blender are as follows:

Blender, Pharmaceutical Blender Manufacturers

The conical shape at both ends allows identical amalgamation and effortless release.

In a conical blender, a cone is statically balanced to avoid any extreme weight on the motor and gearbox.

These blenders are easy to load and unload and also easily cleaned.

The powder can be discharged through a slide valve, which has been loaded into the cone through a wider opening.

The simple design of this blender helps to minimize the required maintenance.

This blender is suitable for dry mixing of substances in powder form.

Maximum care is taken to provide safety in the operating function of the unit. These systems can be operated by a timer as well.

The V-shaped blender gives sufficient and continuous movement to the granules, which results in good quality.

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